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DHOL Asian drum that just increases the energy by multiple folds. Even your old grandma will stand up to perform her hook step. Special quality DHOL carries is that its vibe matters on the hands playing it, and we promise we had some gem of DHOL players out of the ocean. These gems never disappoint when a matter is of quality. DHOL can catch the nerve of the global music either it's PUNJABI or ENGLISH. We promise the event can't be dull when our DHOL players are in the house. Singers and Bands.


Concerts are always a fun bit chaotic because of a massive audience, so why not this event we get you the whole concert feel with one set of singers & bands. Imagine people with their flashlights on enjoying music thinking of their loved ones. This type of aura will make your event unforgettable each photo of your album will tell a story about vibe and music. Our bands and singers got the same compatibility as of bride and groom, a combination of both will just light up the room.

Led TVs

The parties are all about running and roaming all around the destination. But that too should be done with being assured of not missing the glimpses of nostalgic moments. Our Big Led TVs with Plasma screens promises to keep you updated. Live streams keep on running on those big screens merged with some cute slide shows of childhood and pre-wedding photographs that narrate the beauty of your love. Complementary lighting and music add up to the atmosphere giving out many 'Aww' moments.

Masters of Ceremonies

MC is what we all need to combine all the efforts done by family and friends because if w miss on the final touch up then they feel don’t Parties are all about running & roaming all around the destination but too with a promise that glimpses will not get missed and big Led TVs with plasma screens do promise that and keeps live stream going beautifully. And what about your old baby picture or more gazes from the pre-wedding shoot, when we will run them on the screen you will get some “ AWW” moments for life. These screens just add up to the atmosphere with complementary lighting and music. match the energy. Lucky and his team ha been providing MC services for a decade. They promise to add new elements to your party because your party can’t be stagnant and static. MC provides voice and physical presence. Mc gets guests involved and never let the event’s energy go down.

Lighting Package

The mood should match the energy of the event & the lights get it affected. Right lighting positions and effects can get it all set great, taking the risk of poor lighting affects both videos and photos as well a mood of guests go dull which gives fun and dancing a back seat. We have different types of lighting equipment, strobe lights, disco lights, revolving lights, atmosphere lights as well a plethora of others all are available for you.

Disc Jockeys

The disc jockey is the man who notices, the grooving steps of guests and merges music to keep the vibe going. Our disc jockey keeps the best music ready and has the best instant mixing capabilities too. Just tell our jockey and they will get your love delivered in such a way that misses the emotion either for a couple of dance or for performance by your friends. For getting high notch party music you can rely on us.